I made it through security. My laptop bag with all kinds of cables, adapters, and flash drives earned me a closer look by a friendly man.
I’m waiting for my 3:50 flight from RDU to Philadelphia.
Since the NC State men’s basketball team is flying to Italy today I thought I would let them know I’m a fan (like I needed an excuse).

Today I pack . . . (please pray)

Today I am packing for my mission trip to Slovenia.  I will be on a team from Mark 5 Ministries and we will be serving the missionaries of GEM at the Annual Conference from August 5th through 10th.

Please pray for me as I pack that I would know what to take with me and what to leave behind.  If you think about that I mean much more than deciding if I should bring that ugly Hawaiian shirt.  I mean beliefs, attitudes, habits, assumptions, goals, etc.  I want to offer them all up to God and ask him to help me prepare to serve.  I even want to get ready to be helped and served as even volunteers need encouragement from other believers, right?