Ireland, England, and France

I visited three countries (France, England, and Ireland). Not really, but I did eat meals with missionary couples serving in those countries. I asked them about the families and where they were from. I asked one thing in the last year that has been really great. I also asked one thing that has been pretty difficult. The answers mixed me with shouts of joy inside my soul and heavy sighs with tears inside at the hardships. I prayed for these families and thanked God for them. As I was praying I was moved to tears.
As I shared about my wife and daughter and our Summit Church small group I saw hope in the eyes of those to whom I listened. Hope for the gospel taking ordinary people and doing extraordinary things because of the Holy Spirit at work in us. You parents think life is hard work back home then imagine moving with your kids to a new country.
I’m making a real difference with the laptops I’m working on. Thank you so much to the ones that prayed and also to the ones that gave money to help me do this. I am so grateful! Your generosity has allowed me to be generous to the missionaries.  
I think this picture was taken by Larry Sanders but I think Mary Pruitt had a good one also. It was pretty stormy last night. The lights blinked in the room but the power to the computers did not.

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