Please Pray

Six years ago I was asking people to pray and give so I could go to Slovenia with a team from Mark 5 Ministries (M5M). I used my IT skills and my Christian ministry experience to serve others at the annual conference for Greater Europe Mission (GEM). God encouraged me along the way through my teammates and the missionaries we helped. This year I am preparing for a similar trip.

Lord willing, I plan to depart RDU Saturday, July 29 for Frankfurt, Germany and return Sunday, August 6.

Please pray that I will receive my renewed passport at the right time. I submitted an expedited application as soon as I was invited to apply for a spot on this team. The authorities indicate I might receive it as soon as June 1.

Please pray that I would be protected from the evil one.

Please pray that God would glorify himself through me and all involved with this trip.

Please consider giving a financial gift to help me go. All gifts are tax-deductible. Make your check out to Mark 5 Ministries and mail it to me so I can make a note of it and I will send it to M5M and they will send you a receipt. Do not write my name anywhere on the check.

Phil and Angel Shepard

1026 Horsetrail Way

Wake Forest NC 27587

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